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Sex123 kannada Kentuckys 1 National Boone and Crockett RankingField and Stream magazine has named Kentucky the Top Spot for Boone Crockett bucks as well as the UpandComer Award.In 2011 Kentucky reported more Boone and Crockette Bucks to the registry than any state in the nation. KENTUCKY WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.Kentucky offers the best hunt at the best value in the nation for a proven and documented trophy whitetail hunting experience. Currently the Kentucky whitetail hunting packages and licenses are literally a fraction of the other FALLING BEHIND trophy whitetail states.The Kentucky deer hunting phenomonon is an adventure that all trophy whitetail seekers must experience. Kentuckys much below the industry average hunt prices will not continue for long.Check out FSs awards here KENTUCKY DEER HUNTING ITS 100 AN ODDS GAME Kentucky deer hunting for aged mature whitetails with consistent results is all about Odds. Odds at seeing and killing mature bucks are created and increased by the outfitters annual hunt plan.An outfitters hunt plan should and must be completely and thoroughly displayed through out the outfitters website. A running multiple year history very important of a solidly thought out hunt plan documented via website pictures and descriptions is critical.You will give yourself much greater odds at the desired goal of killing big bucks to chose an outfitter that vividly displays his outfitting hunt culture. Odds at

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